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We are still taking preorders for the planners! We are hoping to see and share some samples and new photos this next week… but we are excited to announce these will be shipping before Yule! They will make the perfect gift for yourself or any witch in your life. The planner is packed full of ritual and intention.

Each week you will get an astrology guide and helpful crystal information for the week. The New moon planning guide helps you set intentions for the moonth ahead, and each full moon includes a ritual planning page to help you create and cast spells of your own, while the first quarter and last quarter moon pages offer helpful information on attaining and achieving your goals.

Each full moon also features a colorable Moondala coordinating with the current full moon to help you align your conscious and subconscious mind and empower your intentions. Mandalas are great tools for awakening spirit, grounding your energy and amplifying your intentions! Each planner also includes a beautiful bookmark to help you keep track of the days featuring beautiful rose gold moon phases and a pink tassle. The cover design this year features a holographic rainbow wheel of the year.

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The cover design was the most voted on design, and we appreciate your input! The planner will also feature a lighter-weight cover design to help ease with shipping costs as well! This year we will be selling the sticker pages separately, but have included 2 more sticker pages featuring updated and realistic hand painting crystal designs by our artist Rachael of Tree Talker Art. We will also be selling our newest addition to Spirit de la Lune. Ritual and intention kits! This kit includes a pad of paper and a pen especially designed using sacred geometry and infused with reiki.

The kit also includes a crystal and a ritual card to help get you started. The entire kit comes in a beautiful blue bag with metallic moons and stars on it. We are still in the process of photographing our new offerings and will be updating our page shortly. For now the first orders will receive a FREE intention kit with their planner. Pre-orders often mean a bit of a wait time… but when you pre-order you actually help us all get the products faster! We will share more updates as soon as we have them over on instagram! We hope to see you there! The moon joins the sun in Libra on the 28th of September.

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We are officially in Libra season! This new moon in Libra brings in a breath of fresh air and a sense of harmony to our relationships while offering us opportunity to reconnect in new ways. This month holds a lot of other aspects that will cause some transformation within yourself and your personal relationships that can last into This is a very important month for making progress and transformation in Luckily, Saturn the planet of Karma and lessons went direct last week, which is helping us see our path with a bit more clarity. Each New Moon, using our planners and our Spirit de la Lune deck, we create the Moonthly energy reading for the coming month ahead.

This New Moon in Libra brings in the need for peace and harmony. There is a need for balance to be restored in your life right now. Find your inner peace this week, because our relationships and connections with others will be an important lesson this month. You might feel called towards restoring balance and finding a sense of harmony in your relationships and your personal lives… This means you might feel more apt to just keeping the peace when it comes to your relationships and sharing your heart.

Find balance in yourself first when it comes to interacting with others and sharing your truth. Personal relationships might become a major focus this month. We might feel pulled towards restoring and reconnecting around this time. A new moon in Libra is a time to see things in a more diplomatic way. Consider and view all perspectives and weigh all options before making any decisions. Libra is a time when decision making can be difficult, but observing is important.

The Moon is in Libra for a only a few days, so it might be best to put off any big decision making until a later time. Instead gather the evidence and weigh your decisions. There is also a focus on cultural concerns and social justice and a need to restore harmony within the world. Often times it feels like there is nothing we can do to help the greater good, despite our best intentions.

This new moon might have you feeling this way in a heightened way. As above, So below. This New Moon in Libra asks us to restore our own sense of inner peace and balance.

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Remember that everything is connected when you heal yourself, you heal the world around you. Mercury enters Scorpio on October 3rd which will helps you observe your own emotions, desires and relationships in a new way. When the planet of communication is in Scorpio, we feel words on a deeper level as our emotions too are deepened. Be careful to not lash out or have knee jerk reactions towards others at this time.

Pluto goes direct on the 3rd of October which will help us set in stone the transformation and inner work we have been doing. Over the last 5 months or so, we have been asked to make huge changes within. Pluto is now going direct and this will help us fully integrate those lessons to make lasting change. Mars enters Libra on the 4th of October which brings an even greater focus to our relationships and partnerships this week. There is a sense of wanting harmony, but an urgency behind it that you need to be aware of. Mars and Libra hold very opposing energy.

Try to be patient and diplomatic when it comes to conflict. There is a lot of focus on our personal lives and relationships this week and you might feel energy from early September come up again around this time. There may have been something you tried to put an end to early September that might rise up again around this time.

You will need to stick to the boundaries you set in order to know these changes have been lasting.

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Relationships and connections to others will be a big deal this week. Remember to focus on what connects you rather than what divides you while the moon and Sun are both in Libra. The card pulled for this week is Waxing Gibbous, Connect. If you have been shutting out others or resisting connection, now is the time to soften your heart and welcome it.

The astrology this week brings our relationships into focus so that we can strengthen our connection with them, ourselves and Spirit. The moon turns to first quarter on the 5th of October in the sign of Capricorn. The first quarter moon in Capricorn is a time of action and discipline. The first quarter realm represents fire, while Capricorn holds energy of the Earth. We can get a lot done with this kind of energy this week! Capricorn drives us to want to see tangible results when it comes to matters of the home, work and our personal goals. Stay disciplined this week as the moon shifts into Aquarius; which will give us a slightly less disciplined mindset when it comes to matters that might seem mundane or boring.

With all of the other aspects going on in our relationships, this one can cause heightened emotions and passions within relationships to arise. This could be jealousy or other negative emotions that have been hidden below the surface to come up.

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The card pulled for this week is Waning Crescent, Be. You might be feeling low on energy in some way or another this week. Ground yourself and find your center. Remember to give thanks and play witness this week. Old feelings might be surfacing in order to be observed and healed.

Forgive yourself and others, thank them, and love them and release the emotions that no longer serve you. We are now in the darker seasons of the year. Energy turns inward and ebbing is necessary right now. The harvest is now withering, but new seeds can be found for the new year ahead. There might be a sense of uncertainty and urgency around this full moon for many people. Aries wants to see action, and rush to the ending so we can start something new.

Try to not rush yourself or others. Slow down so that you can make clear decisive actions at a comfortable pace. Another sense of uncertainty may be surrounding the Full Moon in Aries square Pluto. This aspect shines light on hidden and destructive behavior and habits. Feelings, secrets or other wounds we felt were buried might rise up.