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Powerful Mars will help you get where you want to go - and fast.

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As Mars starts the year in energetic, ambitious Aries, you're able to cross some things off your to-do list right away in January. The competitive vibe of Mars in Aries gives you a positive sense of accomplishment from the start.

The cosmic year isn't complete without mentioning the three pesky Mercury retrograde periods, so look out for them in March, July, and November. All three cycles are immersed in emotional water signs, so struggling with feelings will be the norm. The key to getting through a Mercury retrograde this year is to follow your intuition.

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If it feels right, it probably is right. Small but significant Pluto is also visiting hardworking Capricorn this year.

It goes retrograde between late April and early October, then ends the year direct. Rebuilding from the ground up is the focus of this transit, giving you the belief that if you want it badly and try hard enough, anything is possible. Fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are driven by excitement, and there's no shortage of that this year.

With expansive Jupiter in outgoing Sagittarius until early December, you enjoy a mix of fun and adventure.

Card 1: Will money be coming into my life very soon?

Travel and learn from other cultures as much as possible. Love goddess Venus doesn't enter any retrograde periods, and the mood is passionate and aggressive when she spends time in the fire signs Aries in late April, Leo in late July, and Sagittarius in early November. There won't be any shortage of excitement in your love life! Earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn use logic more than other signs, so you're happy about Saturn's placement in earthy, practical Capricorn.

This is a grounded energy you can connect with especially when it comes to tending to the details.

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Saturn retrograde from late April until mid-September perpetuates slowdowns, though, temporarily impeding your progress. Expansive Jupiter also enters factual Capricorn in early December, increasing your desire to learn.

Card 1: Will money be coming into my life very soon?

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