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The Elections Commission is investigating several cases of alleged cheating during the recent voter registration exercise, including registration by voters in places where they were not residents. The trouble is Washington may also pigeon-hole it. Rajaratnam, predicts that the centre of economic and technological dynamism will shift from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean over the next century.

He made this observation in a recent discussion with two Western newsmen:. The Election Commission, India, was created to organise and supervise the first general elections in with universal adult suffrage. T: Let me start with a long-range question.

How would you rate the danger of superpower confrontation in this area of the world? R: Short of an accident or.

A quarter-century has passed, and the Third world nations have rid themselves of their colonial rulers. Despite the antics of some leftist. In the year Do so with the older ones, even adults, and you would possibly get the reverse effect. They would be filled with apprehen- sion and fear. It is true that oil and other precious resources are being spent by the United States to make military hardware.

However, freedoms are not free.

Won't give in easily to India's demand to deport Zakir Naik: Malaysian PM

One morning, or examee, an airport bus, a cal. Why not convert void decks into flats? The HDB should convert existing void decks into flats, leaving two or three void decks for the use of.


There are two squash courts at the new Brickworks. This is in fact being done. We are pleased to inform your writer that as part of its programme to improve. The mark of a leader IT IS important that we have a proper understanding of the concept and the role of leadership. Human history is replete with examples. Today, this assumes greater importance because leadership is no longer hereditarily determined.

Leaders are. Homes, etc. Hard times ahead for petrochemical industry THE world is awash in a petrochemical glut. The squeeze on producers is compounded by worldwide economic stagnation, intense price competition, high interest rates and overbuilt industries in some countries. Petrochemicals reach into almost every part of industrialised society: Plastics, drugs, cars, home appliances,. Digital clock. Foundry works shut UNITED Engineers Ltd has announced the suspension of the activities of its foundry operations in Singapore, Uniteers International Pte Ltd due to severe pressure from international competition resulting in increased losses.

The foundry started some years ago as a Joint-venture between Vickers Australia and United Engineers foundry. Malaysia is looking forward to new members joining the International Rubber Agreement Inra so that a community of producers and consumers of natural rubber could effectively promote the interests of the community. With the assurance that prices would be protected at levels which were equitable.

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The Japanese harvest of rice this year rose 5. Total rice demand in the rice year, which started last month, is estimated at Opec allowed Libya to cut its price from U It said the bank was. In its latest. This was disclosed yesterday by Mr Robert W. Wilmot, managing director of the ICL group.

Mr Wilmot, now visiting Singapore, said the installation at the store.

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Their loyalty can be enhanced by making them shareholders in the company, a philosophy subscribed to by. This follows the receivership of the company as a result of its failure to. Easing food and boosing costs held the Inflation rate in the U8 to a moderate C.

S9m ,1 ,1 Singapore closing prices Turnover figures In this table are unofficial. N Tax-exempted dividend. ABN trade- In late of ll shares each, with price quoted in dollars. Turnover was also lower. The market took off on a steady note particularly in the finance and property sectors but buyers. Couters moved. Kuala Lumpur BID and offer prices officially listed and business in and reported to the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange yesterday, with the number of shares traded shown in brackets in lots of 1, units unless otherwise specified. Singapore Town City 4. Big Board deal.

Read a good book recently? The morning market lost 1. South in December was unchanged at M Sales: Silver quotes Mm Frl New York 8. SBS 8. The Dow Jones industrial average finished 2. Insurer Natoed. Share prices eased in a very quiet market as investors have virtually closed their books now for business, dealers said. Manila MANILA: The market was mixed yesterday, as the commercial industrial sector and oils eased and miners remained firm, while turnover rose sharply from 1. Tokyo TOKYO: Share prices closed slightly lower yesterday, in light trading due to the coming year-end holiday season and continuing uncertainty in Poland, dealers said.

Share prices opened slightly easier in quiet trading today, dealers said.

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Leaders were marked down by a penny or two. Speculation following the announcement by Hongkong Land and J F Special Holdings on Monday that they were to buy 21 per cent of the issued Hongkong Telephone shares was over. The major market indicator, the All-Ordinaries index, closed 1. The All-Metals index slipped ;. Prime lending rates THE average rate at which major Slngaporbanks are currently prepared to lend to their best customers is Coffey said these moves are aimed at revitalising its property division, the first step of which was taken recently. Except for days declared as tin market holidays, trading will take place from Monday through to Friday, from Jan 1.

From last month, the rate on Singapore dollar loans was raised 0. Malaysian tin smelters have decided that they will not entertain any claims for defects in the tin sold by the American General Services Agreement GSA. The tin consumers buying GSA tin are doing so at their own risk. The Malaysian smelters are taking.

The random survey conducted by the Business Times of Malaysia among merchant bankers,. Textiles negotiators here today agreed on a new multifibre arrangement setting the framework for world trade in clothing and fibres for the next four years and seven months, a spokesman of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade Gatt told reporters. The new six-page. Gulf Oil Corporation of the United States has signed a contract to buy 35, barrels per day bpd of Kuwaiti crude oil from Jan 1 but two other companies are seeking lower prices, informed Kuwaiti oil sources said today.

Gulf Oil,. Jalan Sultan Yusuf.