February 5 tarot

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Right now the universe has been elevating to place where decisions and logic are providing aid. If you're pressed to make a decision or feel that you need to make one now, you may be struggling with a heart and mind agreement.

Sometimes it isn't easy to go against what seems illogical. Love starts off easy and then, there are times when it feels like all work. But the time that you put into something that you believe in is never a waste of time. If you think a relationship or circumstance is worth the work and effort, then that's enough to continue to follow the path you're on. Fantasies can become realities but sometimes it feels like it's taking so long.

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Your intention is powerful and it also has the ability to draw to you what you want. Remain open to what messages that the universe sends your way. Allow yourself to put into the universe the vision you have for your future. You may have felt sad or a sense of loss from a disappointment but there is more to come. A door closed doesn't mean things will remain complicated for good. If you're in a situation that's difficult and has left you disappointed, change is coming. You are flexible and typically welcome change.

Your future, with a current partner or a future partner, requires for you to have an understanding of your needs and of your own personal shortcomings.

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This could also be with other situations involve your family, or someone close to your heart. Perhaps you've given thought to how things used to be. Take inventory of the feelings that come up in you when memories happen so you can know what to do to create a better life, personally and in your relationships. There are times when you may feel like you miss someone from the past that wasn't good for you.

Resist the urge to bring back into your life situations or persons that complicated your world. If you're meant to resolve a past conflict, you can fix things with yourself first.


Then, when the timing is right, the door to change and healing will open on its own. Don't listen. If others can't do something themselves, they may think it's okay to try to discourage you from getting what you want. What matters at the end of the day isn't how cautiously you lived your life but the risk you take and the lessons you learn that make it all worthwhile.

You have the chance to redo whatever mistakes you've made in the past, in love, in relationships, in yourself.

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Only you get to decide when it's time to give up your dreams for romance, love, or whatever it is that your heart desires. You've got it in you, and what you've been waiting for is someone to see how great you are deep down inside. It's one thing to show your vul nerabilities , but to find someone that sees beyond them, is pure bliss. Don't worry if life isn't all sunshine. You have all the gold you need in your spirit to make any good situation better. Please bring a Tarot deck and a notebook. A great chance to add to your Tarot deck collection! Lori L. Carole P. Clevys J.

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