Whats a capricorn horoscope personality

This is fitting, since Capricorns are down-to-earth, logical, and grounded. Although Capricorns definitely have dreams, their dreams may seem smaller than the those of other zodiac signs. Capricorns aren't big on adventure. They would rather stay put and get their work done.

Capricorn Woman: Overview & Personality Traits

They're much too sensible for that. Capricorns are the most determined sign of the whole zodiac. They possess all the necessary traits of a hard worker. They're ambitious, helpful, grounded, and committed. If you feel like you're getting tired just reading all that, then you might want to keep in mind that the Capricorn hasn't even gotten started yet!

Understand the Capricorn Horoscope Sign - Zodiac Signs

A Capricorn is so focused on the task at hand that they often appear to be emotionally detached. Capricorns are highly conventional, both in their work and their personal lives. They like to play it safe.

The Sign of Earth – Capricorn the zodiac sign

This is how they feel the most comfortable. Capricorns are as patient as they are responsible, two qualities that serve them well in their lives. They realize the importance of understanding that some things take a while and that the best things often come to those who wait.

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Capricorns may have the most interesting symbol of the zodiac. Although they're most commonly associated with the goat, the way that the actual symbol is drawn looks like the bottom half may be a fish. Capricorns aren't the easiest sign to win over, but once someone is able to push past their resilient outer exterior the Capricorn will be committed to that person for life.

Since Capricorns are a grounded, patient Earth sign, they need someone who can complement these qualities. The Taurus is the greatest match in love for a Capricorn. Both signs treasure their money and security, so financial issues will never be a problem for this pairing. Tricks are for kids, and if she can't make up her mind, make up yours and find someone else. In my experience of dating a Sagittarius, we got along better as friends. Sagittarius's are smart and out going whereas most Capricorns are more serious and loners.

What I noticed in myself as a Capricorn woman is when I date my complete opposite its exciting for awhile because a Capricorn needs to lighten up and are attracted to people who enjoy life and are not that serious- mostly because they wish they could be that way. However, the no-nonsense personality in a Cap eventually clashes with a Sagittarius and the things that were so endearing in the beginning starts to irritate them.

Now, this is just my opinion, but a Capricorn man and Sagittarius woman may have a better chance considering that Sagittarius women are nurturing, loves a beautiful home and a bit more submissive than Capricorn women. My best friend is a Capricorn and I am a cancer. I know my friend cares for me dearly. Sometimes she will communicate a lot with calls and texts while other times ignoring me for days even after I've contacted her multiple times. We've known each other for 15 yrs, and sometimes I don't understand her.

We've had our share of fights over this but, it's her way or no way and it's very hurtful.

How to Love and Understand Capricorn Women

Are Capricorns stubborn like this by nature? Capricorns can be moody and stubborn but they don't mean to be insensitive. Cappies have a hard time expressing to people that sometimes they don't want to be bothered, especially, if they're going through something. Also, most Capricorns tend to withdraw from situations the perceive as negative. Do you seek her advice often when it comes to your problems?