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He also warned we should "prevent the number of aspects from becoming too great" to avoid confusion , not using derived aspects to an extreme, such aspects being extremely weak. Kepler tried to base astrological aspects on musical divisions, platonic solids and harmonic ratios derived from Pythagoras.

Quintile astrology meaning

He favoured the major aspects used by Ptolemy and says he found by strict analysis of over charts and personally recorded weather observations over many years that there were three more aspects with significant value: these are the quintile, biquintile and sesquiquadrate. He recognised several other aspects, but noted that they had little practical value. Planets in aversion were considered very unfortunate by the ancients, but this condition is not held to be unduly evil by most modern Western astrologers.

Harmonic relationships employed by modern astrologers influenced by Marc Edmund Jones's psychological, numerical reformulation of astrology would not have been considered by earlier practitioners. The proliferation of such techniques has led to an "anything can mean anything" approach, the tide of which needs to be stemmed. Now, as mentioned earlier in this article, this set by no means covers every possible sigil, glyph, or symbol to be found in the literature, but will nevertheless prove useful as a reference for what are by far the most frequently used symbols in astrology.

The only main one not given is the IC, for which the symbol is "IC", so pretty self-explanatory. This is the end of the article. Return to the start of How to Read Your Birthchart. The symbols "glyphs" displayed stand for the astrological signs, planets and other chart factors representing forces which may affect your life at any given time. Each of these astrological factors represents a coded set of drives in your sub-conscious. Drives may be activated and brought to your awareness by circumstances in your life, presenting you with a range of choices.

Of course, your choices are to a considerable extent limited and determined by your character, which is itself revealed through an understanding of the symbols that make up the chart. Your birth chart, or horoscope , is usually shown in the form of a wheel, symbolising the cycles periodically undergone by all living things on this planet. There are names for certain patterns. There is also a Grand Cross with two pairs of oppositions at right angles square to one another. An equilateral triangle is called a Grand Trine. Always look at the faster planet in relation to the slower one.

The Moon is closest to earth and is thus the fastest of the heavenly bodies from our perspective. Another way of looking at aspects is to see if they occur in the first half of the phase relationship between the planets or in the second half. When a faster moving planet passes a slower moving planet, they are conjunct. When the faster one gets halfway around the circle from the slower one, they are opposite.

Daily Astrology Horoscope: October 14 - 2 Quintile Aspects

You are already familiar with the waxing and waning Moon. From the New Moon conjunction of the Moon to the Sun to the Full Moon opposition of the Moon to the Sun is the waxing phase, where the Moon appears to grow bigger and bigger.

From the Full Moon back to the next New Moon is the waning phase, where the Moon appears to contract in size. Any pair of planets can be considered in a similar fashion, although neither appears to change in size the way the Moon does in this example.

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On an interpretation level, we say that the energy exchange between the planets is slightly different in the waxing phase versus the waning phase. There is a more subconscious or instinctual component to the waxing phase and a more conscious or informed component to the waning phase, since the opposition which divides the phases is thought to bring awareness or objectivity. Or we might say, the energy is increasing or growing during the waxing phase and decreasing or declining when waning. Usually when astrologers discuss aspects between planets, they are referring to the spatial relationships as viewed from earth since that is where we live.

These are technically known as geocentric aspects.

There is also such a thing as heliocentric positions of the planets and hence heliocentric aspects. This would be as viewed from the true center of our solar system, the Sun.

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Some astrologers like to look at the heliocentric positions in addition to the geocentric ones. In interpreting the heliocentric positions, it is thought they represent interactions with the larger world or a bigger scope of reference than geocentric, which might be more individual or personal in meaning. A waiting in anticipation influence; you feel in a limbo state as you wait for a transition to occur. Frustration is experienced since you do not know that you are really in a waiting state.

Some the next Progressed Moon aspect marks the period to move forward. You must wait for the events to unfold.

* Bi-quintile (Astrology) - Definition,meaning - Online Encyclopedia

I interpret then as problems with which you are not directly involved. It is not a square unless you get involved. They question and over-analyze to the point of missing the point; Separation from the Opposition cause their excessive desire to share to be annoying to others. Excessiveness results from their lack in skill in disseminating information. It has occult implications as it is the 7th Harmonic aspect. Obsessive-Compulsive types often have this aspect strong natally, creating extremes of ups and downs. The Septile event is often such a surprise that the individual is unable to take advantage of the opportunity.

Psychologists do find that obsessive personalities are often highly creative and inventive. This only occurs when there are many of these aspects. Roy has 7 in his natal chart. It is the Solar Arc Septile that often triggers these events. The Septile aspect natally works best with Quintiles. In a research project that I initiated in the early s, I found this aspect to have occurred in the charts of children who were put to death in concentration camps.

Septiles rule sudden, extraordinary events that come as a surprise. In practical affairs, its rules a surprise opportunity but it is usually such a surprise that you cannot take advantage of it. This is a highly creative aspect, even in a natal chart.

The Quintile & Bi-Quintile

Persuasiveness is a part of its influence. Its influence on an event is to bring a creative solution to a problem, a logical resolution rather than a Septile-Type solution. In problems, your personal ingenuity, creativity and influence can manipulate your way out. A student found that a negotiating deal was resolved when the Progressed Moon was Quintile Mercury. Minor aspects manifest near exactness.

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It is said that Quintile Dominant personalities have a strong sense of mission but they must first define what they want in order to get it! These aspects represent problems in which you are only peripherally involved. If you get involved, it will become an opposition, a conflict with another.

A new situation requires too much adjustment but there is nothing that you can do about it. Do not travel or you will wait on circumstances, causing delays. New situations, such as creating a new computer system, require that you learn something new and adapt. When prominent in the natal chart so that a YOD is formed, these people experience many fated events in their lives, events that seem beyond their control.

These aspects imply a need for great personal transformation and these people are actually given many opportunities for a major metamorphosis. The degree aspect involves planets, signs and issues that cannot be reconciled or compromised such as with the opposition. With any inconjunct, the individual is programmed with this misinformation. The analogy that I use in my classes is that they have been taught that somehow a lamp and a stuffed rabbit have something in common. They spend their lives pulling the ear of the rabbit to get the lamp to turn on— but it never does!